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About Us

Our group has a 3-word motto: “Quality, Value, Design” and everything that we do, must ensure that it meets those criteria.

The founders of “Shoulder to Shoulder shop” which specialises in over shoulder and cross body Messenger bags set about finding products that not only embraced the history of the Messenger bag and its original purpose but also the modern-day interpretations.  These have evolved into products for men women and children often the same piece perhaps just different sizes or colours.

We have tried to adhere to the original vintage principals whilst bringing our clients a complete range of bags suitable for fashion wear, work, sport, hobbies, unisex – in fact the complete ambit of life’s situations and for everyone in the household.

We realise that these designer bags are for the discerning buyer who not only knows what they want, but also have a keen eye for fashion and value.

In keeping with all our specialised stores, the Shoulder to Shoulder shop has a genuine and responsive commitment to its clients. Any purchase, certainly from our group of shops, must be a fun and stress-free experience. Accordingly, we have a culture of zero tolerance towards anyone or anything that may compromise our group’s mission for its customers.

Please shop with us in total confidence. Like you, we only want to have a happy and rewarding experience this time and every time you frequent one of our shopping haunts.