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February 09, 2018

By whatever name it has previously gone by (Satchel, purse, pouch) the Messenger Bag has stood the test of time. And, not only that, it is nowadays highly regarded as a useful and fashionable piece of apparel. The Military and major wars have had a significant influence on their evolution. And true to anything Military, purpose and efficiency played a great part in that influence

Their popularity rests on their core function. To be a multifunctional and unobtrusive easy to wear bag, that allows both hands to be free allowing both general freedom and easy access to their multiple storage compartments and main “under flap’ area as well.

With each fashion metamorphosis, the bags get slicker, smarter and even more unobtrusive. The fact that they can be worn in several different ways makes them very much a Unisex item and perfect for travellers, when security is paramount. They can be swung from the left shoulder, right shoulder, across the front across the back, you name it, and it can be “swung”. One thing that really pleases us here at the Messenger Bag Mega Store, is their UNISEX..INESS. It is so difficult to nominate which shop they should go into. And that is why we’ve often ended putting them in both stores.

Obviously with the advent of laptops and evolution of tablets and smart phones Messenger Bags continue to offer a convenient means of safely carting around our high-tech gear. Not to mention Keys and our card holders’ aka wallets and purses. Power packs, Ear Phones, Head Phones, cables, portable Mouse and writing instruments. If you can think of anything else – please do let us know. It all helps the MB cause.

Messenger Bags are typically “soft”. Much will depend on the actual mix of materials and shape. This has led to significant improvements in their ability to mould against the body which has subsequently made them far more popular with men in recent times. The negative macho “what me, a bag” mentality losing out to their security and incredible convenience factors.

Whatever your need or purpose, there will be one Messenger Bag design to suit your wardrobe. We have tried to bring you a diverse range, not only in design and materials but also budget. They are usually quite inexpensive and considering the time, money and inconvenience that they can save you from by not misplacing or worse losing, important items they are incredibly cheap. And if you already are already an aficionado, we have plenty of superb real leather examples – with heaps more on the way too. So please keep a future eye open on our site

So, when you think about it, there is no excuse for not having at least one Messenger Bag in your wardrobe.

Is there?

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