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February 23, 2018

For at least the next six months, every month we shall give away one of our bags (of the successful person’s choice, STA) for the best contribution to our “comments” section. It can be written from any angle provided the subject and content is about Messenger Bags. Size, as they say, doesn’t matter it can be as big or small as you like – just like our Messenger Bags. Obviously, the articles have to conform to a moral standard, so please don’t try and get your rocks off, on our site.

The comments do not have to be about our messenger bags or be anything particularly polite about them generally; as long as it is, in our judgment, true and sincere and interesting. It could be a tale of how one saved your life or how some people think that they can look poncy or maybe how handy they can be. Just use your imagination as so many clever people out there seem to be able to do. Go on,  if it’s your first time writing something give it a shot.

I have asked Megh our VA, to set up the forum so that we can all have a bit of fun. Just like we can with Messenger Bags.

Oh yes, to the winners, try and pick a bag that will be useful for you or a close one, not just the most expensive. It’s not the money – just the principle.

Good luck everyone

MBMS anors.

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